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Android has over 200 innovative features. Certain features such as support for cloud connected apps, improved camera software and new APIs form a solid base for superior applications. Extending our expertise in android app development, we now offer app development for iOS 5 as well. We deliver only our best to our clients. Since iOS 5 developers’ release, our team of 50+ android developers has been working to explore the possibilities it brings.
Newsstand organizes the users’ magazine and newspaper subscriptions. This gives a huge scope for news channels and publication companies to launch their apps exclusively for the newsstand.
iCloud automatically updates applications across your devices. iOS 5 supports the iCloud feature. This has opened up new avenues for more sophisticated business applications, next-generation medical apps and education apps.
Camera features of iOS 5 are simply amazing. This creates potential for interactive applications and augment reality based apps
Our android developers code your app ideas smartly to bring you productive apps with maximum precision. Apps developed by our skilled android developers are designed to provide superior usability and unmatched functionality.

Benefits of choosing our services Developers with extensive experience in working on android OS
Truly customized android OS 5 apps to meet your specific requirements
On-time delivery
We stay to your budget
Hassle free communication
24X7 support even after project delivery
Source code security with non-disclosure agreement

Hire android OS 5 developer exclusively for your on-going projects. You can also hire android developer on hourly/weekly bases at very affordable prices.

The iOS comes with the following list of advanced features and functionalities for innovative app programming:


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