Symbian Mobile Applicaton Development

Symbian OS is an advanced, open source operating system used in various popular mobile devices at the global level. Due to its low level programming capabilities and interaction with the networks at their protocol levels, handling large amounts of secure data, becomes simple and secure with Symbian. It is indeed a very stable, open and highly customizable platform that can be used to meet the needs of advanced 2G and 3G Smartphone applications.

We offer Symbian Applications that support programs in several languages like Java, C++, and .NET

Our services:

Client/server applications for Symbian-based mobile devices.
Bluetooth-based messaging Symbian application development.
e-Commerce, communications and security oriented application development.
Rapid Data transfer application development.
Games and multimedia enabled application development.


  • 3D game
  • comics
  • 3D racing game
  • child game
  • health app
  • toad game
  • apps
  • girl games